Skincare: Let’s Talk About Centella Asiatica

Let’s Talk About Centella Asiatica 
Centella Asiatica, or you may know it more as Cica, is an ingredient that you may have noticed to be in plenty of Korean skincare products as of lately. Cica has been widely known for its amazing hydrating and soothing benefits for your skin. Something that our skin desperately needs, especially in this hot and humid weather that we’ve been having lately! Another little surprise is that it’s also becoming well-known for its anti-aging properties. But you’re probably still wondering, “What exactly is Cica and how will it even help me?” Don’t worry! We’ll explain what Cica is super easily for you, so keep reading!
What exactly is Cica?
Cica definitely has one too many names for itself. It can be known as centella sciatica, gotu kola, Indian pennywort, tiger grass, spade leaf, or brahmi, and it’s hard to tell what this ingredient can really do for you when it goes by so many names. However, even though this herb is known by various names, it serves a common purpose in various countries, especially throughout Asia. This herb’s extract heals your skin. 
Cica has tons of benefits, ranging from being used traditionally in medicine for skin conditions like eczema, culinary practices in foods and beverages to appear more youthful, and even acting as an anti-inflammatory property to treat infected wounds. Cica extract has been renowned over hundreds of years for its soothing properties on open wounds and stimulating new cell growth. Although it has provided many benefits when ingested, it is now becoming a popular skincare ingredient for it’s amazing skin-healing abilities.
When Should I Use Cica?
Cica is amazing for those who are experiencing any sort of stressor onto their skin. Here are some common suggestions on when to use Cica:
● Acne and inflammation (irritation & redness) Ouch. Breakout from that time of the month? Cica’s got your back.
● Wrinkles and fine linesBye bye to crow’s feet and wrinkles! Hello to reverse aging!
● Minor scars or woundsHyperpigmentation from acne scars or sun damage? Cica will lighten it up in a flash.
● Antioxidant Skin feeling dry and dull? Let’s bring some of that sweet hydration back into the game!
Which skin types are suitable for Cica?
Now you might be wondering if Cica is good for your skin-type and good news is, there’s a cica product for every skin-type! In fact, Cica is actually very friendly to all skin-types. Now how about that? However, if you specifically have acne-prone skin, you should definitely be looking into products that include Cica. Cica is used in many acne-fighting spot treatments whether it’s in serum or cream form. It’s perfect to beat down that inflammation, and to moisturize any dry spots your skin has been left feeling sensitive from. It also works to help fade away those dark spots from those unwanted pimples, and it will help even out your skin tone! We love a multitasking queen/king!
We hope you enjoyed this informative post and hopefully learned something new about Cica! We would also love to hear your thoughts, opinions and experiences on it as well. See you in our next post and stay hydrated! 

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