K-Trend: Ang Butter in Korea

Ang Butter

The Ang Butter started coming up in Seoul around 2018, but has become a nationwide trend only in the last year or so. Or should we say, has become a more insane trend than it already was in the past year. You’ll find it at any and every bakery nowadays. 

What is Ang Butter? The haters in BAZZAAL will describe it as a pastry or bread - usually a thin baguette - with thick, thicc slices of pure butter and a clump of red bean paste on top, making this weird mushy sandwich of sweet red bean and fatty cold butter. The fans in BAZZAAL say the combination actually works really well. The usually salty-ish bread gives a flavour and texture balance to the butter and red bean paste; which together becomes this really creamy and soft mixture that reminds you those bungeo-bbang ice creams. And hey, if it works with ice cream, why wouldn’t it work with butter? 

What does the Ang in Ang Butter mean? It apparently comes from Japanese, where Ang means red bean, and of course the Butter just refers to - you guessed it - the butter.

The Ang Butter was popular before yes, but like mentioned before it has become an insane trend now, people like the combination so much that they have tried combining red bean and butter in all types of pastries. Anything can be an Ang Butter, and anything will be an Ang Butter. Ang Butter donuts, Ang Butter scones, Ang Butter macarons, croissants, toast, cakes; you name it and it will be an Ang Butter. So the next time you go to a cafe in Seoul, find the Ang Butter that’s perfect for you :)

A fair warning: Red bean paste is an acquired taste. For people from North America and Europe red bean paste might be too sickly, or just a wrong kind of sweet; and some just don’t like the texture of the beans. Truth is, when it is the main flavor, it is a strange experience for those who have never tried it, but in small quantities and in combination with other ingredients, red bean paste can be quite delicious to anyone. So it is always good to try! 

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