K-Trend: Home Cafe in Korea

Home Cafe

Have you seen it on Instagram? You know what I’m talking about, the extremely aesthetic, sometimes even ASMR based type of video of people pouring coffee on Instagram? No?

What about those accounts that are fully dedicated to just their kitchens and the food on the counter? Also no? The baking accounts? The cooking accounts? At this point you simply can’t not have seen them. They’re on YouTube, they’re on Facebook, they’re on Instagram. They’re crazy about pouring coffee and baking cake. Everyone is crazy about pouring coffee and baking cake.

Even if you’ve claimed to not have seen any of this, we’ll ask you a simple question: Have you tried making dalgona coffee this past half year? Or have you seen your friends make it on social media: Guess where that came from! Yes, the Korean “home cafe” and ‘home restaurants” have even reached international audiences this year. What originally started as a rise in the popularity of “homebodies” (PH-1 not included) and “home cafes” turned into an outright craze when COVID hit. Why? Because they showed that staying at home could be fun, could be nice and aesthetic, instead of confining.

YouTubers like Plan:D, Jihyunkkung, HANSE and yedi101 are all about the quiet, comfortable but aesthetic life at home. Why go outside to a cafe when they know how to make an insanely pretty and delicious cup of coffee, lemonade or full on meal at home? And that is what we think is the epitome of the whole trend; why spend money, why risk getting sick when it is possible to buy some adorable cups, and some ice cube trays and learn how to make the fanciest Americano right on my own kitchen counter. That’s selfcare baby. 

People watch these photos and videos for different reasons, and we all follow different people. We look at these accounts for recipes, the weird humor, meditation or background noise. In other words, this niche trend has different ways of making the serotonin flow, which is a good enough reason to keep looking at it. Some people prefer the creators that have only pictures, some people love seeing the process of cooking and baking, some people love the ASMR aspect of these videos. We are all united in a similar wish; if only we could be so aesthetic.

What we have noticed is that a lot of these creators are continuously reinventing aesthetics and food as we knew it. Now, like Ang Butter; not everyone will be happy about what is being done with foods that are only to be eaten in a very specific way in their minds and/or countries, but it is undeniable that the home cafe creators are introducing new ways for us to make our food. We never thought we would be excited to try an egg with egg whites that were whipped like a meringue, on a donut! But we were, and it was good. So we’ll let them do their thing.. For now.. The most important thing about Home Cafe is that it’s not just about drinks or food or whatever, it’s about wholesome energy and enjoying the little things in that moment. So go get yourself a cup of tea and get yourself scrolling through Instagram and YouTube, your Home Cafe is waiting for you!

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